What sets The Modest Mammoth apart?

We really want to focus on the artists that make our products possible. We do pay for the designs and royalties on every item sold, but we wanted to do more. We ask each contributing artist for the information they would like to convey and then send it with every shipment.

We only sell apparel that we believe is comfortable and of high quality. This can make our prices a little higher than others, but we want our customers to love everything about their Modest Mammoth products.


Why the limits?

We believe limited quantities add value to the artwork and product on which the artwork is used. We hope that the time limit creates a fun, competitive atmosphere that keeps people coming back for more. Plus, it fits with the whole Mammoth-extinction theme!


What quantity of each design do you produce?

We currently run around 50 items of each design. We are still testing the waters so tell your friends to stop by! The more we know that people like what we are doing, the more we will create.


Can I submit a design to be used on a Modest Mammoth product?

Absolutely! Visit the submission page and read through the submission agreement.


How are designs chosen for production?

Our staff reviews every submission to determine if it is a fit for our brand. Remember, The Modest Mammoth's goal is to bring back simple, meaningful designs for our products. You can expect a response from us within 30 days of submission. We look forward to seeing your work!


Are contributing artists compensated?

If your design is chosen to be used on a Modest Mammoth product, you are paid for your work. You can find the details in our submission agreement. (pssst... it includes some free stuff, a lump sum, and  a percentage of sales!)


Do I get credit for my artwork?

Every Modest Mammoth item is shipped with a postcard that includes the artist's information. If your design is chosen, we will ask you for the content you would like to share.


Can I return something that doesn't fit?

Yes. We provide a size chart for every one of our products to help items fit right away. However, we all know that clothes just fit differently on different people and we want everyone to love their Modest Mammoth products! Please see our returns policy for full details.