Copyright Claims

We couldn't do this without the help of contributing artists! We are fascinated by the amount of talent in the world and want to do our part to help share it. Part of that process is giving credit where credit is due and not infringing on the rights to anyone's intellectual property.

While we ask contributing artists to be respectful and accept the stipulations of our submission agreement that states they take full ethical and legal responsibility for any misrepresentations of their submissions, we do try to vet every design as unique and original.

Before selecting artwork to be used on our products, we search the U.S. Copyright database for intellectual property with similar titles. In addition, we complete a Google Image search with both the image itself and a thorough description of the artwork.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to completely vet all artwork as unique and original. If you ever feel that someone may have submitted your work to be used on a Modest Mammoth product, please contact us immediately.


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For more information, please reference Section 512(c)(3) of the Copyright Act.