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There is no place...

It sounds cliche: There is something unique and very attractive about Nebraska.

To "outsiders" there doesn't seem to be much to offer. It is true, Nebraska does lack some of the more obvious and easily identifiable attractions that other states possess. We don't have mountains or vast, clear lakes. Our cities aren't the largest or most culturally advanced. Large numbers of tourists don't visit our historic battlefields or humongous shopping centers. But somehow, people from outside the state don't quite feel like "outsiders" here.

I admit that it is a generalization, and that there is just as much "bad" here as anywhere else, but there is a difference in the people and way of life. Once you have been here, it is hard to leave or not to come back. I did have the fortunate opportunity to leave and to live in several other places. I loved them all in a way. Somehow, I didn't love any of them as much as I loved my home state and I found my, roundabout, way back. Now all I need to do is bring all of the amazing people I met here. Well, that and 2 months / year and all of the finances I need to take everyone to the mountains, vast clear lakes, cultural cities, historic battlefields and huge shopping centers of the world.

I don't have the time or wisdom to explain just what the Nebraska "difference" is. I suspect a great deal of what I feel is the same for everyone, when they are in their "home"; the smell of the breeze on a late spring evening , the call of the mourning dove on a hot summer's morning, the chill that covers your body when the Huskers enter Memorial Stadium on a crisp fall Saturday (OK, that is unfair, that may only happen here...). There is a sincerity and generosity you feel from Nebraskans. You might just have to take my word for it... or not.

Regardless, it is out of this feeling of respect and belonging that I decided to make our first products about our home state. Check out our Nebraska-themed Old Favorite Trucker Cap and Tri-Blend, Short Sleeve Tees.

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