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The Beginning

I bought 2 caps in the last year. Both were simple, comfortable and meaningful.

The first cap was a solid grey, fitted, '47 Brand product with an old school Herbie Husker patch on the front. The initial meaning, when considering my Nebraska roots, is obvious right? However, I had also realized that I missed the days of simple apparel.

Aside from my collection of Leggoons™ (yep, LEGGOONS™... remember?) some of my favorite clothing was one color with a minimal design attached to it. I fondly remember my Kansas Jayhawks, cloth snapback; my Nebraska Blackshirts ball cap; and my white, Southeast Knights T-shirt that proudly displayed the school crest on the front.

What happened to those days? Looking back, I am starting to realize I have a strange affection for baseball caps but I remember a long stretch of years that I couldn't find any headwear I wanted to buy or wear because they were all just too... busy.

The second cap was a Legacy® Old Favorite Trucker Cap. It was a distressed navy blue with a patch of the Wyoming state flag on it. If you are anything like me, you are thinking, "Trucker hat: cheap, high crown, and mesh that you could sand your deck with." Wrong. This hat was low-profile, comfortable and had the softest mesh I had ever seen! I am talking about the 1800 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets of trucker cap mesh!

If you are still with me, I am going to make my point. We want to bring it back: the age of simple designs on comfortable, quality clothing. Designs and apparel that will stand up to the test of time.

Some things are bound to change as we grow. In fact, they have to in order to remain relevant and successful. What WON'T change is that we will remain committed to this original mission: Simple designs. Quality clothing.

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