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At the Modest Mammoth, we are really excited about the possibility of working with artists from all over the world. We want to become a brand that customers want and like to wear. We also want to become a name with which submitting designers are proud to be associated.

We know that the time and talent it takes to come up with and then perfect a design is extremely valuable. We will always compensate our partners monetarily. However, we also want to make this experience beneficial from a recognition standpoint. We ask each artist to provide us with any information they would like communicated via our website, social media and with each shipment of their Modest Mammoth product.

This more personalized recognition is what we believe sets us apart from other sites that do something similar. As a small startup, we know that some of these other businesses can offer more than our current payouts of $200 and $2 per item sold. As we grow and begin to reach a larger audience, we will sell more products. When we do, our compensation rates will reflect our success. With our submitting designers' help, we will get there!

Even when we reach a point that we can share a larger financial reward with our contributing artists, we will always want to be known for our personal recognition as well. In Artwork I discussed the Modest Mammoth's two main goals. The first is to be an avenue for designers to share their talents and ideas with a wider audience of people. That goal will always be a part of who we are.

We will always take and consider designs of all types. We also think it is fun and helpful to throw a suggestion out there once in a while. We want to bring people back again and again so we will always maintain a nice selection of current and relevant designs. One way we want to do that is to follow the seasons and the events that are associated with them. With summer and Independence Day just around the corner, our first theme is the Liberty challenge. Please submit your patriotic artwork to be considered for use on a Modest Mammoth tee and more.

Give us a chance to work with your design and to show you our personal approach to sharing an original, custom, graphic tee with the world!

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