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Bear with us!

I am really excited to offer the new GeoBear design by Zack Post. Not only does Zack do some amazing work, he is a genuinely nice guy. When I sent Zack a note, from out of the blue, he did not hesitate to help us out. In fact, he enthusiastically agreed and quickly sent us his design. Big deal right?

I had never met, communicated with, or even seen Zack. Obviously, the same was true for him. My email only said that I had gotten his name from Joe Horacek, owner of our screen printing partner, the Little Mountain Printing Shoppe. My correspondence went on to introduce the idea of partnering with contributing artists to produce high quality graphic tees and clothing. The note discussed our philosophy of recognizing the artists through social media, on our site and with every shipment of their product. That's it. So yes, it is a HUGE deal that Zack was trusting enough to let us run with one of his designs.

My experience with Zack (and Joe) has strengthened the suspicion that I have had all along. There is a bond between designers. While their talents and interpretations vary a great deal, there is still a baseline understanding of the process of bringing a vision to life. I am also coming to find that there is a lot of bravery involved. To put something you have made, from your mind's eye, in front of people is a scary thing. To put your work out there is also one of the biggest rewards you can receive.

So, we are going to keep trudging ahead with our goal of sharing some really cool artwork with as many people as we can find. Hopefully, we can also build a network, and start to share some bonds, with a bunch of people like Zack in the process.

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